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Capture and hold your customer's attention when you share your PDFs, Documents, and Presentations as interactive Simplebooklet flipbooks.

Start Sharing Professional, Persuasive, and Trackable Flipbooks in minutes.



Start with a PDF, Document, Presentation or Video file.



Make a professional experience with call-to-action buttons, embedded videos, unique page transitions, animations, logo, domain and narrations.



From a branded white-labeled web link, post your Simplebooklet to social media, send it in rich html email, install it as an app, and embed it on any webpage.

Hosting included. No coding required.

Introducing Simplebooklet

With Simplebooklet, it's about bringing your document to life, making it easily accessible in the digital channels your customers hang out, and getting you the engagement you need to keep moving your customer forward.

Our goal is simple. Through the documents you share, we'll make your content more persuasive and impactful, and empower your audience to initiate a conversation with your business.

stand out from the crowd

Persuasive Presentation

Your Brand Up Front

Build trust and confidence in your shared content by putting your logo and domain on the documents you share.

Make A Meaningful Impact

Choose from hundreds of combinations for your presentation with backgrounds, page transitions, and navigation menus that set the tone.

Capture Short Attention Spans

Add voice and video notations throughout your content to guide your customer to what's important.


Built In Audience Activation

Right On Time Engagement

Add interactive buttons, link hotspots, animations, videos, and stickers that bring your pages to life and draws attention to what's important.

Calls To Action

Support your content with business cards, messaging tools, and more that make it easy for your audience to reach out and connect from any page.

Know Your Audience

Use lead gates, custom forms, and third party tools to learn about your audience and move them forward in their journey.


Control Your Content

Distribute Everywhere

With full SEO optimization and behind the scenes indexing, your content get's surfaced everywhere.

Access For Only Those You Want

Use multiple passwords for a single Simplebooklet and track usage, or restrict access to a specific webpage (great for membership and subscription portals).

Sell Access

Use our built in paywall to charge for access at any point in your Simplebooklet.


Share Everywhere

Go To Your Audience

Stop waiting for customers to find you. We've made it simple to post, email, pin, embed, link, video export and share your Simplebooklet to the places your audience hang out online.

On The Devices People Use

Fully supported on all modern browsers, on the phones, tablets, and computers your customers use everyday, when it's most convenient for them.

Installable As A Branded App

Let your audience install your Simplebooklet as a native app on their favorite device, so they can access your content even when they are offline.


Insight You Can Act On

Know Your Audience

With Visitor ID tracking, get insight into how people are engaging on each and every page. Even track across multiple Simplebooklets.

At The Right Time

Get notified on any important event that takes place in your Simplebooklet, sent to your email or favorite messaging app, so you can act when the opportunity is hot!

Send Reports

Get detailed reports on audience, reach, engagement, and pages, in realtime over over a date range, and share them with those who need to know.


Collaborate Seamlessly

Collaborate With Others

Connect your account with others and work together on the design and distribution of content.

Manage Team Accounts

Manage team members to collaborate or restrict access to sharing and analytics, so you control the content but empower others to distribute.

Update Anytime

Use our familiar editing tools to update, modify, or replace content on existing published pages, even converted PDFs.


And Even More...

Authenticated Access

Control who has access to your Simplebooklet. From a simple lead gate to verified, pre-approved emails that you set.

Your Domain

Nothing builds trust better than your domain. Apply yours to your account, a specific Simplebooklet, or a collection. Use multiple domains.


From Canva to Dropbox to Wix, our integrations make it easy to use Simplebooklet with your favorite tools and seamlessly fit into your workflow.

Replace Your File While Keeping Your Stats And Link

Update pages or replace the entire Simplebooklet, you can keep your QR code, weblink and statistics the same.

Presentation Mode

Turn your Simplebooklet into a presentation. Use narration to describe your page, then set it to automatically flip pages once your narration has finished.

Live Support

We won't leave you hanging. With our chat support and extensive knowledge base, we'll make it easy for you to get up and running and become an expert in no time.

Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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