Personal Presentation

When was the last time you were excited to read a PDF. Me neither. Get ready to shake up the status quo.

Be Persuasive, When You Can't Be There.

Make A Great First Impression

With Simplebooklet, your customers are immediately impressed by the professional experience when opening your content. Your logo, custom domain and customized, dedicated landing page build the trust and confidence in the content you are communicating.

Your audience is 5X more likely to read your Simplebooklet from start to finish.

Capture and Hold Your Customer's Attention

We've all got short attention spans these days. It’s critical that you bring your content to life. Simplebooklet has the tools to make this, well, simple. Animate and narrate your pages, keeping your audience focused on what’s important in your content. The personal experience. Add videos, image slideshows, even your own code to any page. Your pages are enhanced with the relevant content that brings context for your readers.

Make It Yours

All content works differently, so we’ve given you the tools to customize your presentation to suit your content. With Simplebooklet, you can configure what tools your readers have in your navbars, and even where those navbars appear. Then configure the way your pages flip between pages on a complimentary background of your choosing. The possibilities are endless.

Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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